Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Live in the Future

Hi, my  name is Jenni, and I live in the future.
Semantically, this does not mean that I am from the future.  Just that I live there.  In my head.

When I pull a Tobias and reflect on a day's worth of what I say ("Tobias, you blowhard"), I find myself using phrases to depict what I will be like, what I would like to do as an adult in the "real world", and speaking in terms of someday.

At some point, I need to wake up and realize that someday is today.

My dad tells me that every day I wake up, I can start to be the person I want to be, act the way I want to act, and be in the mood I would like to be in.  It's hard to do.  Because I live in the future and all.

Future Jenni is going to be awesome; Present Jenni is "just getting by".

Present Jenni could be cool too, but she's like the lonely, ignored Harry Potter under the staircase because she hasn't reached out and like, saved lives and is awesome at quiddich and starts contraband study groups to combat the most feared and dangerous wizard in the world.... wait, this analogy fell apart somewhere.

Future Jenni says "Someday is tomorrow"
Procrastinator Jenni says "I'll start today tomorrow"
Present Jenni says "I am schizophrenic?  Why am I talking to myself so much as different people?"


  1. You do more than get by! I think it good character to always want to be better and do more good. But its a character flaw to not like who you are when you are trying your best. We can't all be Tim Tebow or Mother Thersa. Sometimes being Jenni is what the world needs. Be happy while still aiming high (to quote a famous elementary school).

    (And you should quote that father ofyours more frequently. He seems like a rally brilliant guy!)