Saturday, March 31, 2012

Breadsticks & WP7

I made Olive Garden breadsticks from scratch.
They were so buttery, garlicky, and delicious!!
And surprisingly easy.  It was also my first written recipe.  I can't wait to serve these at my bakery, maybe with soups or something, or maybe as take-home goodies for dinner!

On a slightly unrelated note, I took the Windows Phone Challenge today.
Nick and I stood in line for 2.5 hours this morning, but it was worth it because he's a really nice person and bought me chocolate milk :)
So we both ended up losing to the Windows phone guy, but I get a free Windows phone in exchange for an old Palm Pre Plus.  Windows phone looks pretty nifty, fast, and colorful............... if only it had swype, it might be a contender for my personal cell phone of choice.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Dramatic link

Why on earth would I watch this video!!???????????????

I cried just looking at the words in the link!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stoic Cat

Stoic is a pretty cool word that is underused in daily conversation. 

I Really Should Read The Book

No post yesterday?  Here's the reason why...

Also, found out from this movie that fruits that look like blueberries are poisonous, which is unfortunate because I am planning on making blueberry pie in the near future and now I will be scared to eat it.

We sat in the very front row because we got to the theater a little late.  I felt nauseated the entire movie; the director decided to make a lot of "running through the woods" and "shaky camera" and "hallucination fuzziness" types of shots which didn't help.  But when I could keep my eyes open, it seemed pretty quality.  I'm really thankful we didn't spring for the IMAX experience.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anonymous Beaver

Nick and I found some trees on our walk yesterday. It looks like a beaver went to town on them. Pretty cool. We are planning to check back in about a week to see if he made any more progress.

There are a few trees that the beaver seems to have knocked down, but we don't know what he plans on doing with those trees...?

Also, Nick mentioned that these bites look pretty fresh, and you can see all of the wood chips beneath them... we think that we stumbled upon a new project for the beaver and that he was just there last night.

Dear anonymous beaver, what are your plans???  I must know!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Here's what I was going to post yesterday.  I made challah.  Not nearly as emotional as finding a dead mouse but much more appetizing...

It came out pretty nice but I must say that the first dough I made I completely eff-ed up the recipe and the dough was so sticky I couldn't even knead it at all.  I kept adding flour until I realized that this was going to taste like an eggy brick.  After an hour of feeling horrible that I wasted a whole bunch of ingredients, I decided to give it another go.  Great success!

I was trying to think of good challah jokes but.... didn't come up with any.  When I googled quotes about challah, I only got this lame quote:

“For about 15 minutes, Doug Flutie was the toast of New York-not just the toast but the challah and the pita and the croissants, too.” -  George Vecsey

Who the hell is Doug Flutie?  This is a boring old post.  

edit: I asked Nick "who the hell is Doug Flutie?" and of course Nick knew off the top of his head.  He's apparently a quarterback who threw that hail mary pass for Boston College which is like "one of the greatest plays in football".  The quote makes more sense, but this blog post is still lacking any relevant oomph.  Sigh.  Sorry guys.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not Mickey Mouse

I was going to triumphantly blog about the challah bread I made last night... but instead I am going to gross everyone on this Saturday morning by posting a horrifying and unexpected experience I had.

I decided to go running this morning since it is almost 50 degrees outside (whaat) and sunny.  I put on my running clothes, put my hair in a ponytail, got my iPod+Nike all hooked up, and went to put my shoes on.  There was something in my shoe though, and of course I thought it was one of Bentley's toys (which I have found before in my shoe).  So I went to fish it out.....

.... and it was a dead mouse.  Like a real dead mouse, not just a Bentley toy.

I freaked out, started crying like I just found out Carlos on Desperate Housewives is blind, panic-called Nick...  I don't know how a mouse got in here!  And then how it died!  It looks like it was mauled or bitten or something because of that huge black mark... unless it has the black plague, and in that case I am going to die soon so someone please just award me a certificate in teaching so that my life is not all for nothing.

I think Bentley killed it.  Nick suggested that he died of old age, which is much worse because that means I was living with a mouse who decided one day to croak and then freak me out for the rest of my life.

I can never wear shoes again :(