Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Really Should Read The Book

No post yesterday?  Here's the reason why...

Also, found out from this movie that fruits that look like blueberries are poisonous, which is unfortunate because I am planning on making blueberry pie in the near future and now I will be scared to eat it.

We sat in the very front row because we got to the theater a little late.  I felt nauseated the entire movie; the director decided to make a lot of "running through the woods" and "shaky camera" and "hallucination fuzziness" types of shots which didn't help.  But when I could keep my eyes open, it seemed pretty quality.  I'm really thankful we didn't spring for the IMAX experience.


  1. I finally read a little about what the story is for the hunger game. CNN thought the movie was more violent than it needed to be (especially for younger teens). Di you think is was worth it? Should we buy the books and have you read them to us :-)

  2. I think that it was just a little more violent than Twilight... I didn't find it too bloody, and Nick didn't feel too sick watching it (and he doesn't like blood or anything) so I think CNN is overreacting. It's PG-13 because of content, I mean, the premise itself is scary enough for kids.

    I think going to see the movie is worth it. I haven't read the books but you should read them! I can read them to you guys on skype ;)