Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It is my birthday!

My boss Colleen gave me a cupcake at work today, hence today's post(it).  Flowers are courtesy of Nick, who greeted me at the airport yesterday at midnight to wish me a happy birthday.... and to drive me and my luggage home. 

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days.  I have been visiting my dad down in Texas and we had action packed days full of doing taxes (whee...), going in the spa, running, reading, working, bowling (I went 0-4), billiards (I also was 0-4), drinking, baking, talking, more running, eating tacos, ultimate frisbee....... and there was really no time to post much.  I'm not sure who all is devastated by this, but hopefully these non-existent beings I left desperate for a post will forgive me an will look forward to my next few!

Had a couple of difficult decisions over the weekend too.  It's always hard to leave my family, but I love seeing them so much so it's harder to stay away.  I also made important discoveries about priorities (my mom is always looking out for me), appreciating the little things, and remembering to NEVER do things out of spite (my dad taught me this).  

Tonight is going to be full of putt putt golf, where I will probably lose but I will drink enough not to care. :) 


  1. Drink UV Blue please

  2. I didn't miss the blog posts because I had th continuous blog feed during this time :-) You didnt mention tht while you wer going 0-4 and 0-4,you were enjoying Texas Margarittas while you opponant (and driver) was going light on a Shiner or two. Your bowling seemed inversely proportional to your blood alcohol level and billiards came after that. Not thatI'm trying to give you excuses :-) Thanks for filling the house with your presence (and no, you are not fat) even if it was too short a visit!

  3. Did you notice the post it notes in the pictures this time??