Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Das über klassy

I was reminded today the important skill of staying classy.  I witnessed a cashier at the grocery store get yelled at by a customer who said that the cashier weighed her fruit incorrectly.  The woman called the cashier "incompetent", "a minimum wage dips**t" and multiple other obscenities focused around this woman's line of employment.  The cashier stayed calm and did her best to answer this yelly, obnoxious woman.  Once the woman left, I checked out with my garlic powder and bags of flour and asked the cashier if that sort of confrontational incident happens a lot.  She looked somberly at me and said "no, this is my second day as a cashier here."  I simply replied, "it will get better, I'm sure" and gathered up my things.  On my way out, I stopped by customer service, pointed at the cashier, and told them "that cashier is a great example of customer service.  I hope she is rewarded for taking the high road." and left.

Here's to you, cashier lady.

Stay classy, San Diego.


  1. Love that story. I wonder how the "yelly" lady felt afterwards. (I've used the word yelly several times today. I now own it!)

  2. Dumping on helpless service industry workers is fun and theraputic (not for the worker of course). I'm sure that yelling lady went home and was all smiles for her family. Definitely worth the abuse to the cashier. (sarcasm off). I love the fact that you took the time to recognize her customer service. And it was only her second day!

    I don't know if I could have been that nice to someone yelling at me!