About Me

Hello. I'm assuming you came here to be best friends. If this is the case, then here are all of the things you already should know about me.

If you are coming here to see if I am employable, the answer is yes, and the following can just be ignored because clearly I am the best candidate for whatever job I have applied for.

I bake bread and cook food.
I enjoy digging my hands in dough.  I experiment with new recipes sometimes, but I like to make old classics that I could make in my sleep - except that would be horribly irresponsible since hot ovens are involved.  Fun fact about food recipes that don't apply to bread recipes?  One serving of non-bread food is usually gigantic.  Even when I halve or quarter a recipe, I end up with mountains of leftovers.  And at that point, who measures 1/16 of an onion accurately?  What do I do with the rest of it?

I have a lot of hobbies.
Crochet/knitting, writing, reading, yoga, going to the zoo, hiking, pottery, travelling, learning languages, psychology, science experiments, writing letters, petting giraffes, painting, puzzling, going to basketball/baseball games, taking pictures (I'm not sophisticated enough to simply say "photography"), history museums, math.... the list is pretty long.

I have a cat and a best friend.
I am not going to identify which is the cat and which is the best friend, but I am married to one of them; feline marriage is not yet legal anywhere that I know of.  Hope I didn't just spoil the guessing game I've cultivated here.  Cat, Best Friend, and I go on a lot of fun adventures, or "funventures".  Pax (Cat) will wear a bandana and go on adventures around the house, where he is known as "Adventure Cat", and Nick (Best Friend) will go on adventures similar to Indiana Jones.

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