Monday, July 22, 2013

Search term obsession

I check my search term references semi-obsessively.  Today's surprise: someone searched for "lisa frank giraffe".  Yes, I do have a post about Lisa Frank... but I was curious to know how I stacked up.  More importantly, I wanted to see the results of such a search, because a Lisa Frank giraffe sounds mind-blowingly colorful... and awesome.

However, this led me to a Bing v Google competition.  I Binged "lisa frank giraffe" and my site did not come up, like in the first four pages.  I was disappointed, but then realized, who the heck Bings anything?  So then I Googled "lisa frank giraffe", and my blog was the very first website listed.

Clearly, Google's got this.

Also, there is a shocking lack of Lisa Frank giraffes and Lisa Frank giraffe photos.  Are giraffes NOT girly?  Are they not filling the minds and dreams of every young girl in the world?  Is it because giraffes are only in Africa?  Is Lisa Frank unknowingly racist?  These are questions I'd like answered.

On a giraffe-related note, here I am, feeding a giraffe.  Best day of my life.

1 comment:

  1. Most common phrase in blog: Best day of my life.
    Interpretation: You are channeling your inner 3 year old.

    My new tag line: Hope tomorrow is another "Best day of your life".