Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clean, uninhibited appreciation for life

Wow, Jenni, bitter much?
My angsty post last time about Panera should remind me to take a deep breath and ask myself if all of this will matter in 10 years (or really, 10 minutes).  It won't.  It didn't.  Hey, that was a poor use of my energy.  Moving on...

I watched a good 18 minute Ted Talk this morning to get inspired for my day (I needed a small pick me up this morning...).  It's a little gloomy at times but the message is clean, uninhibited appreciation for life.  Not a bad thought to start out my day with.  Here it is!

Deep breath.  I will get through this.  I will get a job.  Life will be good.  No.  Life already IS good.  Attitude.  Awareness.  Authenticity.

When I looked at my desk today through the eyes of a three year old (as suggested by the Ted Talk), I gained a better appreciation of my little nook.  I mean, the colors alone attract attention, not I want to paint a picture, and all of the little giraffes everywhere?  They are begging to be played with.  The windows?  Can you believe all the motion that's happening outside?  I am up so high!  I'm like a princess in a castle!

Is this procrastination?
Did the awareness and enjoyment of my surroundings become a waste of time?  A lesser priority?  Is enjoyment of the little things ever the lowest priority?  And if it is, do you still find time to do it?

Yes, ok, namaste, I get it, this blog is all about inspiring things now.  I think I can feel my husband rolling his eyes at me :)

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  1. I did the Ted Talk, too. Good advice. The time to notice the details, to see the world as if 3 years old, is whenever you need the reminder. No one said life is easy and even those people you think have it made, have tough stretches (law suits, divorces, losses). No one escapes being kicked around by life. And everyone thinks they have it the worst. So when you get to that point, then its time (and not a waste of time) to look at the world afresh. See it for the first time. And resolve to go out and make it yours.

    The absolute #1 thing I've grown to love in you is your unexplanable exuberance of anything you put your mind into. You have inspired me more than once. I hope you never lose that!