Tuesday, July 9, 2013

24 hours in vague, uninspiring phrases

Yesterday @ 3pm.

Read Kitchen Confidential. Cat napped by my feet.
Snack: a dozen or so pistachios.  So salty.
Nap.  Still not feeling well.
Nick came home.
Bags league.  Good friend Jenni pays for our drinks and food, unexpectedly.
Multiple losses.  Oh well....
Drive home.
Dishes?  Nahhh... Straight to bed.
Read Us Weekly magazine.  Interesting article about The Bachelorette.  They make her life seem so hard :( but it's not............
Awake.  Vomit.  Disgusting.
Can't go back to sleep... watch Arrested Development on computer.
Nick wakes up.  Informs me of impending storm.
Assemble and pack Nick's lunch.
Nick leaves.  House is quiet.  Cat is knocking all sorts of things over.
Cat and I cuddle up in bed.  Still not feeling well.
Storm.  Wind.  Rain.  Hail???
Wake up.
Breakfast is a handful of goldfish and a pluot.  Still a little sick, but feeling a little better.
Nick texts that can opener has been delivered.  I confirm at front door.
Cat is really annoying.
Make to-do list for today.  I will be proud if I get two things done today.
Cat continues to be annoying.  Sigh.

My thoughts are coming out in fragments.  I need to shake this largely psychosomatic illness because I have a big interview tomorrow, which I hope will conclude in me signing a job contract.  My head is heavy, and my thoughts are jumbled.  My motivation is declining steeply.  What can I do to perk myself up?

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