Monday, July 22, 2013

Search term obsession

I check my search term references semi-obsessively.  Today's surprise: someone searched for "lisa frank giraffe".  Yes, I do have a post about Lisa Frank... but I was curious to know how I stacked up.  More importantly, I wanted to see the results of such a search, because a Lisa Frank giraffe sounds mind-blowingly colorful... and awesome.

However, this led me to a Bing v Google competition.  I Binged "lisa frank giraffe" and my site did not come up, like in the first four pages.  I was disappointed, but then realized, who the heck Bings anything?  So then I Googled "lisa frank giraffe", and my blog was the very first website listed.

Clearly, Google's got this.

Also, there is a shocking lack of Lisa Frank giraffes and Lisa Frank giraffe photos.  Are giraffes NOT girly?  Are they not filling the minds and dreams of every young girl in the world?  Is it because giraffes are only in Africa?  Is Lisa Frank unknowingly racist?  These are questions I'd like answered.

On a giraffe-related note, here I am, feeding a giraffe.  Best day of my life.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clean, uninhibited appreciation for life

Wow, Jenni, bitter much?
My angsty post last time about Panera should remind me to take a deep breath and ask myself if all of this will matter in 10 years (or really, 10 minutes).  It won't.  It didn't.  Hey, that was a poor use of my energy.  Moving on...

I watched a good 18 minute Ted Talk this morning to get inspired for my day (I needed a small pick me up this morning...).  It's a little gloomy at times but the message is clean, uninhibited appreciation for life.  Not a bad thought to start out my day with.  Here it is!

Deep breath.  I will get through this.  I will get a job.  Life will be good.  No.  Life already IS good.  Attitude.  Awareness.  Authenticity.

When I looked at my desk today through the eyes of a three year old (as suggested by the Ted Talk), I gained a better appreciation of my little nook.  I mean, the colors alone attract attention, not I want to paint a picture, and all of the little giraffes everywhere?  They are begging to be played with.  The windows?  Can you believe all the motion that's happening outside?  I am up so high!  I'm like a princess in a castle!

Is this procrastination?
Did the awareness and enjoyment of my surroundings become a waste of time?  A lesser priority?  Is enjoyment of the little things ever the lowest priority?  And if it is, do you still find time to do it?

Yes, ok, namaste, I get it, this blog is all about inspiring things now.  I think I can feel my husband rolling his eyes at me :)

Friday, July 12, 2013


Panera stops serving breakfast at 10:30.

Apparently they are super efficient about switching out their breakfast and lunch items because when I arrived 4 minutes after they technically stop serving breakfast, they could not be bothered to assemble an egg-cheese-bagel sandwich.  The bagels are still out and for sale.  The cheese is still used for lunch sandwiches.  But the egg... the egg has already been replaced by soups.  It would be IMPOSSIBLE to go back to the refrigerator and grab an egg.

If I worked there, I would have walked back and grabbed an egg, made the sandwich, and said "traffic can be really iffy sometimes, right?  Have a super day knowing that people are really nice and understanding in the world."

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Basically Famous

The wedding program that I spent hours designing, executing, and printing up for my wedding is featured on a trendy website for creative wedding program ideas.  I feel like this is the beginning of a career change for me....  Just kidding, I'd still rather teach math to high schoolers.  Check it out though:

I credited myself and my creative genius.  I am so full of it.  Ha!
I hope many sea-faring couples enjoy though.
Many thanks to my parents for letting me get away with a program like this.  Also, thanks to Chris Beer because I suspect he had something to do with this site having any images of our programs.

DelitschAntiqua - Larger pirate font
Pristina - Scripty pirate font
Arial - Names etc.
Consolas - Font for games

Hooray, I'm famous!

In other news, I finally got to shower in the upstairs bathroom because the plumber came and fixed it this morning.  Sigh.  It's been a good day.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

24 hours in vague, uninspiring phrases

Yesterday @ 3pm.

Read Kitchen Confidential. Cat napped by my feet.
Snack: a dozen or so pistachios.  So salty.
Nap.  Still not feeling well.
Nick came home.
Bags league.  Good friend Jenni pays for our drinks and food, unexpectedly.
Multiple losses.  Oh well....
Drive home.
Dishes?  Nahhh... Straight to bed.
Read Us Weekly magazine.  Interesting article about The Bachelorette.  They make her life seem so hard :( but it's not............
Awake.  Vomit.  Disgusting.
Can't go back to sleep... watch Arrested Development on computer.
Nick wakes up.  Informs me of impending storm.
Assemble and pack Nick's lunch.
Nick leaves.  House is quiet.  Cat is knocking all sorts of things over.
Cat and I cuddle up in bed.  Still not feeling well.
Storm.  Wind.  Rain.  Hail???
Wake up.
Breakfast is a handful of goldfish and a pluot.  Still a little sick, but feeling a little better.
Nick texts that can opener has been delivered.  I confirm at front door.
Cat is really annoying.
Make to-do list for today.  I will be proud if I get two things done today.
Cat continues to be annoying.  Sigh.

My thoughts are coming out in fragments.  I need to shake this largely psychosomatic illness because I have a big interview tomorrow, which I hope will conclude in me signing a job contract.  My head is heavy, and my thoughts are jumbled.  My motivation is declining steeply.  What can I do to perk myself up?

Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm too busy being busy to tell you how busy I am

"Busy is a drug that a lot of people are addicted to" - Rob Bell

I am attempting to distance myself from the word "busy."  I wish I could remember where I first read about the common culture of "busy," but since the word's first appearance I have since sought out a lot of literature on being "busy" so the sources have all sort of blurred together.  (Google "culture of being busy" and you'll find a plethora of articles related to this modern "phenomenon" - you'll see what I mean).  I am using quotes generously here, but if I were actually telling this story, my hands and first and middle fingers would be gesturing frantically from all of the stressed phrases I'm using.  It's appropriate I swear.

Even writing this blog post, I wanted to title it as "busy week".  It's a trap!

This particular article by Scott Berkun really caught my attention.  Specifically, I enjoyed the paragraph where he writes, "The phrase 'I don't have time' should never be said."  I wish to avoid this phrase almost as much as I wish to avoid the statement, "I can't, I'm too busy."  I believe that modifying how I phrase my talk about time will lead to a change in action, which is my goal.  It's all about prioritization.  RBF, as my parents have always taught me (Responsibility Before Fun).  However, there was always some F and some R, not just an overwhelming sense of R.

I also frequently come across articles that tell me "stop being busy, be efficient!" but like the Berkun article, I ask myself "what do I do with all this time I've saved?"  I could fill it up with other "busy-ness" I suppose, like seeking more work, or finding a nook to clean, or new and different errands, or signing myself up for new classes or work or activities.... but wait, isn't this the type of busy-ness that I keep striving to become more efficient at?  The type of activities that I'm trying to do efficiently so I have more time... for what?

I have written many times in this blog about how I don't know what I want to write about.  I talk about all of the things I wish to do, and then write about those things.  I also talk about how I have NOT blogged in awhile because I have been busy with other things.  Consider this a mini, mid-year resolution, but I am going to try and conquer  an aspect of the "busy" this month.

Here are my Month of Idleness Resolutions:
I will attempt to refrain from the word "busy" and the phrase "I don't have time" (ala Marissa Bracke's article).  As a result, I intend to question the priorities of events that I am invited to and to make better decisions with my time.

I will also direct my yogic intentions inward to reflection on how I want to spend my time not being busy. Alone, deep in thought?  Reading and reflecting?  Biking, hiking, kayaking, exploring nature?  Baking, cooking or organizing my house (which is therapeutic for me, not necessarily for everyone)?  Spending as much time as possible with friends?  No matter what I decide is the most important priority outside of "me-time", I will be sure to be thankful for the time I do have, right now.

Long post today.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my thoughts.  I appreciate my time and your time today.  Namaste! (As a side note, I think I have fallen in love with yoga.  More on that later.)