Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fantasy basketball, yay or nay?

Yesterday I got to see the timberwolves win an exhibition game at home against the bulls. It's around this time of basketball preseason when I start to get super excited about basketball... and fantasy basketball.  My first year with fantasy basketball was really fun and exciting, until the playoffs when I sort of dropped off the radar because I was working and studying and just forgot to set my lineup.

Last year, I got really excited about fantasy basketball (FBB) and I got Nick really excited too, so we joined a league together, talked smack while drafting our teams, and then promptly forgot about the whole thing and just got excited about watching Ricky Rubio instead.

So this year, I'm skeptical about the whole thing.  I really want to participate in FBB but instead, I find myself wondering if I have time.  I love the amount of work I have right now; do I really want the added pressure of setting a team each day/week?  It's up in the air.

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  1. My passion has long been football but I find that I have little time for it as well. Fantansy leagues take time, especially if you really want to win. And they seem to make you want to watch more than just picking team and following them. Good for the league (NBA, NFL) and advertisers; bad for time management. Now, I try to read about games in the newspaper (remember those?) and online when I have time and try to be selective about what games I watch live. Less than perfect solution, I admit.