Saturday, October 13, 2012

Giada's Thai Boo Boo

I look up from my notes.  "Nick, how would you describe our Friday night in three words?"
Nick pauses his level in Super Mario 64 to consider this. "Giada's Thai Boo Boo"
I type the title, swivel in my swivel chair, and giggle.  "I think Boo Boo is two words..."
Nick gives me a sheepish, half-cocky shrug.  "That's what I'm picking... I don't like rules"

To be in our twenties and be spending Friday nights the way that we spend Friday nights is a little odd.  Yet I find myself marveling in the action-packed, diversely engrossing "hanging out" we find ourselves engaged in every night.

First, I put together some spicy Thai noodles.  I chopped up some peanuts, some green onions, and some cilantro.  I shredded some carrots and made a red chilli, peanut oil, honey, and soy sauce concoction, and tossed it all together (leave out the cilantro next time, totally over-powering).  Obviously delicious.  Gotta start our night out right.

We ate our clearly aphrodisiac food while watching the least sexy show on tv: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  We also continued to eat after seeing the forklift foot.  It was slightly traumatizing.  We laughed with Sugar Bear and the wig shop named "Shhh... it's a wig" (just say it quickly and you can laugh too).

After we exhausted the HCHBB episodes OnDemand, Nick begged and begged me to watch an episode of Giada At Home.  Yes.  Nick begged me to watch it.  I am totally down for any cooking show, any time, anywhere, any cook.

But Nick and I do not just watch tv with a large-headed, narrow-shouldered, size -4 Italian chef.  We play drinking games.  We drank any time she said something exaggeratedly Italian ("amaretto" was her constant Italian word this episode).  We drank any time she transitioned with the word "now".  We drank any time there was an artsy transition that seemed entirely unnecessary ("Camera 1B, zoom in on those red poppies.... aaaand we're out, great job Giada").  These rules were enough to get us sufficiently buzzed.  And, I got this sweet recipe.

Nick went to sleep shortly after that but I stayed up and read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on my Kindle.  My thoughts on this book can be found here.  What?  It's a new thing I'm trying.

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