Sunday, November 25, 2012

Internets are scary

It was a beautiful day when Nick and I went to the apple orchard to get a pumpkin.  Usually when we go pumpkin-picking, it is a clear bright day.  This time was no exception.  Eating a caramel apple outside in October is way nicer when it's beautiful and only slightly cool outside, instead of being ridiculously hot or ungodly cold.  What's sad though is we didn't get the chance to carve it and it ended up just rotting and we had to get rid of it.  Sad pumpkin.  Happy Jenni holding said pumpkin.
I recently read a blog in which the author's frenemies found out she was spending a lot of time talking about them and their lives in her blog, so she shut down the blog and faced a lot of backlash from it.  I felt really bad for her because she was a good writer and I am kind of a gossip so I enjoyed the content of the posts.  But it made me feel bad about posting pictures of my friends or Nick on the blog because you truly don't know who is reading it.  I don't want to defame my friends even though they pick the most embarrassing pictures of me on Facebook.  Blogging versus Facebook, which is more poisonous to personal image?

On a "the internet is a vast, anonymous, scary, dangerous, embarrassing, unknown place" topic, has anyone here watched Catfish, the tv show?  That is some seriously weird stuff.  Don't trust anyone on the internet who says they love you and want to but refuse to meet you or Skype with you.  Seems like common sense but there is a whole tv show dedicated to exposing people who do this.

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