Friday, June 14, 2013

To Do Lists

I could quilt all of my to do lists together and form a sizable afghan under which I can hide and do nothing on those lists.

I really do love making lists.  I like being "organized" (what does that really mean??) and I especially love to cross things off of lists.  However, lists are lost.  Lists continue to grow.  When I cross something off, it can come back (think: dishes or laundry).  I find to do lists give me short-term inner peace, but leave me feeling empty because the list is never completed.

I am moving tomorrow.  New house.  Beautiful new house.  We got to visit it today, which was more painful than I expected because all I really wanted was to be moved in already and be home.  I am so impatient sometimes.  "Practice more patience," however, is not on my to do list.  It should be.  But it would likely never get crossed off.

I would really like to go to sleep right now, but my impatience and my adrenaline are keeping me up.  I am making list after list after list.  Moving list.  Places to contact with new address (insurance, post office, etc.).  Job search places.  Contact these people.  What book should be next for my book club.  If I combine all of these lists into one master list, I would be completely overwhelmed.  Instead, I have each list on a separate sheet of paper, labeled, and ready to be accomplished.  Here I am, accomplishing a task - "blog".

Wheeee, I am having so much fun!  Here is to my marginally interesting blog post!

edit: As a side note, someone searched for "giraffe diarrhea" on Google and clicked through to my site, so that's a bonus.  When I searched for "giraffe diarrhea", my blog came up as #8.  Some of the other links look promising, too.  Maybe I'll give them a weird search word reference on their web stats.  Can't really tell if this is a great keyword or not.  I'll take it.  I'm just in an accepting mood tonight.

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  1. It would be worse to have your picture come up when searching on "giraffe diarrhea".