Sunday, June 9, 2013

Old Obsessions

Know what's amusing?  How many blogs I have.  Like 20.  I should stop and think before I sign up for a new blog.  Mine are all over the place.  Blogspot.  WordPress.  Weebly.  Google sites.  I can't make up my mind.  They are of varying topics: books, cooking, personal, teaching, artwork, travel...  I have yet to dedicate one solely to my cat, but I promise it's in the works once I come up with a clever title.  I am a hot mess.
Glenda, my very much alive plant
Let's get right to it, though.

I'm blogging today because I just read my friend's great blog, and she's going to China, and I have no doubt that her blog will be amazing.  This post is not out of jealousy (although, clearly I am envious of her travels!) but out of reminiscence.  That "oh yeah, I have a blog I used to love to write in" feeling.  So here I am, blogging about blogging yet again.

Latest news in Jenni's life:
- Got married to my best friend; it was spectacular
- Started practicing yoga; my life is forever changed for the better (probably should have said this for that getting married event...)
- We are closing on a house on Friday; I absolutely cannot wait
- I will be a licensed teacher in July; right now I am job hunting
- I have managed to keep a plant alive for more than a year; serious celebration ensues.

Here is a picture of said plant.  Her name is Glenda.

In solidarity with Glenda, I am hereby resurrecting this blog.  It's aliiiiiiive.  Last time I lamented about not having a topic - I still have too many things to write about, but I am choosing not to care right now.  It's late.  Cut me some slack maybe.

I am going to talk about.....
1. My new house and all of the projects we are going to do in it!  (on the list, installing a garbage disposal!  Running a water pipe from the sink to the fridge!  Hanging up pictures!  We are basically the HGTV channel, but IN REAL LIFE!)

2. Glenda, Pax, and Nick, and anything interesting they may be up to.  Glenda likely will not be up to anything interesting, her 5 minutes of fame are up.

3.  Anything I want, buddy! Maybe some artwork?  Maybe a poem?  Maybe a bread I baked?  Maybe a crocheted blanket?  Maybe an interesting website I found?  Maybe a new Sanskrit word I learned?  I did write a poem the other day, actually, about a giraffe screen cleaner my parents gave me for my birthday.  I love it, and he just stares at me happily all day.  Ahem....

brown, white, spot,
a friend my parents bought,
if you were a real pet
on your life you could bet
that I would hug you a lot

Lame?  Yes.  I didn't claim that my writing/art/thoughts would be good.  You should read Moliere if you want clever rhymes.

Goodnight!  Go forth and conquer!

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  1. You should write all you blog entries late at night. This one was fun to read! Some comments.

    I rememberber Glenda when she was just a pup (small plant?) The fact that you can keep a plant alive for a year means you are definitely ready for kids (just kidding :-)

    For all the trauma of wedding planning (we couldn't make it too easy) it did turn out nice. We are still trying to figure out who to credit with the weather. Clearing up just for the wedding (and pouring rain on either side) was too perfect to be coincidence.

    That poem reads like a limerick. I was expecting a haiku. Quit being so wordy!