Thursday, June 20, 2013

My world is a cold, cold place right now

It is freezing at Starbucks today.  I'm sure it is a comfortable temperature behind the counter for all of the little baristas back there, but for me, I am shivering.  I deeply regret my iced tea choice right now.

It has been over a week since I have had the pleasure of browsing the internet.  Sure, I have been squinting at and prodding my phone, anxiously anticipating the name reveal for Kimye's baby just like everyone else, but there is something refreshing about typing something into the computer instead of poking little letters and having to pinch zoom to read.  First world problems, right?  But I'm marginally enjoying my frosty time right now as I type on a legit computer.

Life without internet is tough.  I've actually been productive for the last week.  My lazy bone is like, "what is happening.  Go back home and cozy up on a couch, you deserving beautiful person, you." (My lazy bone is a flatterer).

However, had I not come to this Starbucks on this bright, humid day, I would not have heard a grown man  loudly direct his "homie" to his "crib", nor would I have had the pleasure of viewing obnoxious pantylines from the too-young-to-be-flaunting-that girl who ordered a large sugary mess of a drink.  I would have missed the older couple in the corner sharing a latte over a newspaper (awww..) and I may have forgotten my detestation for modern, on-the-go American breakfast items (pound cake??).  In other words, I would have missed out on life.

I prefer to indulge in these bits of humanity on a sweet and sweaty day like today.  No picture, no poems, no exciting prose today; just me and my observation of the people around me as I avoid working on some schoolwork (the supposed "real" reason I came to a coffee shop today).  Now, to the smooth voice of Eric Clapton, I will be enjoying the rest of my drink, snuggling further into my jacket, and typing out a storm of lesson plan analysis.  Have an equally successful day, my friends.  Don't take the internet for granted!

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